Sponsorship Opportunities

Partnerships — Over $10,000

A partnership is the highest level of contribution. Partners are recognized with publicity and on all ECSD publications and apparel.

Major Sponsorships — $5,000

Major sponsorships are offered for each of the following program areas:

Summer Camp Sponsorships - $135

Help a child attend summer camp, who otherwise could not afford to go, by sponsoring a week of camp.

Team Sponsorships — $150

Team sponsorships are collected annually for both youth and adult leagues, including basketball, soccer, and softball.

Park Sponsorships — $100-$300

Individuals or businesses may purchase plaques to sponsor park benches ($100) or picnic tables ($200) in our parks. Individuals or businesses may also purchase a tree ($300) to be planted in one of the parks.

Building Projects—$50-Unlimited

Sponsors are needed for facility building projects as they are undertaken. Current projects include:

Special Event Sponsorships — $50-Unlimited

Event sponsorships may be cash or in-kind donations.


For more information on becoming an ECSD sponsor, please contact Heather Muzeroll-Roy, Director.